While most of us are happy to just buy ETFs that cover a region, market segment or sector that looks promising in our investment universe, we have received a number of requests to make it easier to evaluate the constituent members of the ETFs. This should allow you to use a simple top-down method to identify stocks that are well positioned to outperform in broad market rallies.

We start with 11 ETFs from the State Street’s SPDR Brand of ETFs because they cover well known market segments and liquidity is generally pretty good.

A note of caution: we built the Fund King System with Mutual Funds and ETFs in mind because these investment vehicles offer some built in diversification of company specific risk. The methodology we use works with individual stocks as well but make sure that any portfolio you build is diversified enough so that a specific company problem (say an undersea oil well gusher) does not wreck your portfolio.

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