Since FundKing started managing a live account, and tracking multiple portfolios, he has seen the following:
1. FundKing systems almost uniformly said “SELL” two years ago in August 2008. FundKing obeyed, as he always does.
2. Markets entered an extended period of paroxysm. FundKing was very frightened.
3. FundKing systems had their first “BUY” signal in March of 2009; another in April 2009. FundKing dutifully bought.
4. After a serious jolt to all asset markets with the defibrillator paddles, they have been going sideways again for almost a year.

And this is where we find ourselves now – after 2 years, our portfolio has done nothing, except for a furious jump in Q2 2009. FundKing would be a little bored/unexcited by this performance if it were not the case that most managers have been in the same boat, and suffered horrific losses in 2008.

Almost all FundKing systems are saying “cash” now. U.S. Mutual Funds end their accounting year in October, which usually results in heavy selling in down years. Could this be repeated?
FundKing systems say there is a good chance.

Stay tuned…..

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