Although most of the news out of Mexico revolves around the brutal drug war, EWW, the Mexican ETF has been performing well and has creeped into the top rankings. As we noted in our December 13th note, the Mexican market is dominated by American Movil (AMX) which makes up 24% of the EWW ETF’s holdings. Right now that is a plus but it means that the Mexico ETF is not as diversified as most.

For another, expert opinion on Mexico as an investment target, check out this article written by Frank Holmes of US Global Investors, based in San Antonio, Texas.

EWW ticks several boxes for us. First, it is a developing market which shares a massive land border with the largest consumer market in the world (where 80% of exports go). It has cheaper labor costs than the US which could sway investment decisions as corporations rebuild capacity in the coming years. And, like other successful emerging markets, it is moving up the value chain in terms of production. As the US slowly climbs out of the Financial Crisis hole, Mexico looks like a geared play.

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