What is the market saying about the tablet/cellphone wars?

Are you holding out for the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system? Does the acronym LTE excite you? Do you think that Microsoft might finally get things right with Windows 8 running on an ARM chip? Do you think Apple at $500 a share is merely a milestone? Will Amazon surprise us all with new and improved Kindle offerings?

Here are a few of the main companies in the tablet/smartphone wars and how they rate currently. It is interesting to note that while we have seen very impressive performance from Apple, they are not the only ones in the running.

Samsung Electronics (+27.92%, Company Info) The massive Korean conglomerate is both supplier and competitor to Apple and most of the key players in the IT/Cellphone/Consumer Electronics field.

Hon Hai Precision (+25.65%, Company Info) In the news recently for its Foxconn subsidiary, the main contract assembler Apple and most other name brand consumer electronic companies.

HP (+14.27%, Company Info) After some serious strategy wobbles, HP is promising to redouble its efforts.

Apple (+13.22%, Company Info) It’s the biggest stock in the S&P 500 and the excitement building around the iPad3 is driving component makers in Asia into frothy territory.

Microsoft (+11.77%, Company Info) Windows 8 in two flavors and compatibility with ARM chips. Could 8 be the lucky number for a company that has struggled with mobile versions of its main operating system over the years?

Google (+10.98%, Company Info) In addition to the Android platform, the company is trying to acquire Motorola Mobility.

Dell (+9.63%, Company Info) Dell’s forays into tablets have not panned out so far.

nVidia (+2.8%, Company Info) Primarily a high end graphics chip designer, nVidia is taking its engineering expertise into the smartphone arena with “Tegra” chips that boast up to 5 “cores”.

Motorola Mobility (+1.93%, Company Info) The “pioneer” of the mobile phone is trying to make a comeback under the RAZR badge.

ARM (+0.46%, Company Info) ARM designs the RISC chips that sip power compared to mainstream CPUs from AMD and Intel, a critical factor for battery powered devices.

Asustek (-0.27%, Company Info) is a threat on both the ultrathin laptops and tablet space.

Sony (-7.17%, Company Info) The company has made a concerted effort to produce a competitive tablet. Can they still bring out the old Sony magic?

Amazon (-18.13%, Company Info) Although the Kindle Reader in all its forms is a tiny, loss-making part of the Amazon retailing empire, the Readers are cheap and popular.

HTC (-28.08%, Company Info) Despite its success with Android based handsets, it has weathered a fair bit of legal strife, primarily from Apple.

What should you conclude?

As we climb the “Wall of Worry”, there are other trends which are not dependent on Central Bankers and European Politicians.

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