With year end approaching and the Dubai mini crisis largely resolved, it is time to look at the “weather systems” that drive financial flows.
We present 3 pictures on the second page of the newsletter to demonstrate the latest “jet stream” of high powered money.
Here we are most concerned with how to position our portfolio to take advantage of the year end jostling.
On the fund and ETF side, the system still points to higher risk assets. For equities that means emerging markets and for fixed income, a preference for high yield over safer instruments.
Black Friday? Cyber Monday? There’s been a slight move in Consumer Discretionary funds and ETFs but not enough to crack into the top of the rankings.
In terms of currencies, the very subdued signals from the IRP System suggests an attempt by the global Central Banks to minimize currency fluctuations in the near term.
On Commodities, it is all about metals, precious and industrial, as China and India continue to stoke demand globally.

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