Since the “System” has been live for a year, we though it appropriate to review our oldest portfolio to use real money.

The result from Dec 1st 2008 to Dec 1st 2009 was +48.4% with 5 switching trades through the year.

So what did we learn?

  1. Financial markets and instruments are not primarily designed to make money “out of the box” for the end user (you and me).
  2. Using an unemotional system made us feel “in control” as the switching recommendations made sense.
  3. We never had complete information. And more information would not have led to better investment performance.
  4. We have written up a journal of the trading year and the circumstances in which those trades occurred. You can see them in pages 2-4 of our Ebook which goes on to explain the thinking behind the development of the IRP System.

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