Take control of your investments with a system that works

The IRP System is designed to help you take control of your investment portfolio. Unlike the usual “canned” solutions that you get from the financial industry, this System allows you to select an appropriate investment universe and gives you the signals you need to manage the inevitable ups and downs. The System is unlike most quantitative investment programs in that it actively seeks out risk. The IRP System does not attempt to make false promises of “all the upside with downside risk hedged away” because that promise only exists in the world of product development departments. The IRP System is designed as an improvement on “Buy and Hold”. That’s why the benchmarks on this website are not abstract indices that you don’t care about but the results of a “Buy and Hold” strategy on the portfolio you are evaluating.

Three Levels of Membership

Investing is a critical component of your long term financial health. In the early years, the amount you save is the primary factor but in the later years of any investment program, the ability to compound your gains at solid sustainable levels will heavily influence the final outcome. How you invest is not a decision to be taken quickly or lightly so we offer several levels of membership to allow you to get comfortable with the Fund King System.

Free Registration

This allows you to see the components of each public portfolio and read our comments. The idea here is to see if the types of portfolios that we present and the results we achieve on a 5 year basis are appropriate for your investment situation. There is no time limit on Free Registration.

Silver Membership

Once you are comfortable with how the Fund King System works, it is time to show you some of the details. Silver Membership is a one month free membership which allows you a higher level of access to the public portfolios. You can see what the System picked three months ago and how those picks fared to date. The Fund King System is a hypothesis that we test every week with Mr. Market. A three month time horizon is a good way to judge how successful the signals have been. After one month, your membership automatically reverts to Free Registration unless you upgrade to Gold.

Gold Membership

While it is all very interesting to test hypotheses, the real point of any investment program is to invest on a forward looking basis. With Gold membership, you get access to the current rankings of each of our public portfolios. You also get access to our new PortfolioSelect feature which allows you to create and test your own portfolios using the Fund King System. After all, the whole point of the exercise is to invest according to your needs, interests and requirements. Membership is renewable annually.