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Trading Lessons from Albert Einstein

A hat tip to Tap on the Bart Simpson picture from their website to read the article.

Bart Simpson Trading Lessons

The year end is a good time to take stock of all the good things and bad things that have happened and try to apply those lessons to the new year. This article reminded me to think about the things I did well (and to keep doing them while they work) and the things that didn’t work out so well (and to change accordingly…). Knowledge comes from figuring these important issues out, not from cramming our heads with data and irrelevant factoids.

The SPDR Page

In an overall trendless market, you can still make money by trading the sub-sectors within a given market. This video shows you how we apply the Fund King System to the 15 Sector ETFs (and their underlying stocks) that make up the S&P500.

Watch this week’s Video Review to see what we are talking about. Click the full screen icon to the right of the volume controls if you want to see a larger version.

Website Review –

John Mauldin produces two free newsletters which are a must read. In this video, we introduce you to John Mauldin and tell you how to get on his mailing list. John Mauldin not only has great insights into the market himself but he also introduces us to alot of other useful content on the web.

Watch our Video Review of his website.