This is where you will find some of the ideas that we are working on.

Earnings in Motion

Check out how Price/Book Ratios, Returns on Equity and Price/Earnings ratios have moved around in the last 10 years in this chart.

Our Facebook updates on FundLogik

Almost every day, our research team picks articles from around the web that are related to asset allocation, rules based investing and other trends we think are worthy of consideration.

S&P 500 Top 20 “Steam Gauge” Ratings

Which stocks in the S&P 500 are showing strong momentum this week. Check out this page.

ETF Top 20 “Steam Gauge” Ratings

Which ETFs are showing strong momentum this week? We segement the ETFs by market capitalization and then rank the top 20 on this page.

An ETF Portfolio Story

Sometimes one needs to hear it as a story. In this tale, I trimmed my ETF portfolio down to 20 and we will track the System over the coming weeks. The investment universe is heavily weighted towards international equities because it reflects what I am interested in. Your portfolio should reflect what you are interested/comfortable investing in. Check it out here.

SPDR Components

We have received a number of requests to take the system deeper into the popular SPDR ETF Series to ferret out which underlying stocks look better than others. We plan to build this up into a fully fledged portfolio but for now, check out the results on this page (available to Gold and Silver Members only).

Steam Gauge

Steam Gauge

Do you want to see if your investment is Hot or Cold?

The Steam Gauge (go to our explanation page) is a proprietary Relative Strength Indicator which scores how much momentum is behind any given listed asset.

Whether you are looking at a Mutual Fund, an ETF, an index or a listed stock, the Steam Gauge will give you the latest reading of its strength. By combining the readings with a well constructed Portfolio Universe, one can position one’s portfolio to capture the strongest returns available and have an unemotional mechanism to drive portfolio switches and rebalancing as one moves forward in time. Take the first step towards rationalizing your investment process. Try the free application now.


The SPDR Page

SPDR offers a number of sector ETFs which encompass a broad range of the US market. If you want to dig more deeply into the SPDR range of ETFs and look at how the constituent stocks rate, check out this page.

The Hang Seng Index Page

Check out the component stocks behind Hong Kong’s leading benchmark here.