Looks pretty dramatic.

What if we told you that this performance was achieved using a System that held only one ETF at a time out of a Universe of six ETFs?

What if we told you that there were only 27 trades over the last 5 years?

There are risks to this approach.

  1. Markets may not react the same in the future as they have in the past.
  2. This approach can lose money as well as make money. Over the 5 year period, the maximum loss from peak to trough was 28%. 

So what were these exotic ETF’s that produced such attractive returns?

[ppopup id="3860"]SPY[/ppopup] – The S&P500 Tracking ETF
[ppopup id="3862"]QQQ[/ppopup] – The Top 100 Nasdaq shares
[ppopup id="3864"]VEU[/ppopup] – Non-US Equities
[ppopup id="3868"]EEM[/ppopup] – Emerging Market Equities
[ppopup id="3867"]DBC[/ppopup] – Commodities
[ppopup id="3866"]TLT[/ppopup] – Long Term US Treasuries