Review – Stockmapper

This week we look as, a “heatmap” market visualization site.

Heatmaps are fun but to my mind, they can become tedious. The need for contrasting colors and the traditional bright red and greens can be a bit tough on the eyes after a while. The problem is that more subtle colors would mean a loss of visual information. While this site uses the same bright greens and reds that most heatmap programs use, the developer Two-N has pulled off a very pleasing design which helps organize a substantial amount of market data.

Two things drew me to Stockmapper: the organization boxes at the top and the use of “mashup” technologies to organize the news feeds that are freely available through Yahoo. This allows you to see market strength and weaknesses at a glance as well as allowing you to drill down a bit and find out why one particular stock may have had an unusually large amount of trading.

How does that help you invest?

I would put this website in the category of Market Awareness. It is unlikely to help you screen or choose investments because of the short time horizon (one day). However, it could alert you to news about a stock you own or were thinking of owning which could impact your investment outlook.