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Although John Mauldin would probably not be happy with the title, he has become an “internet guru” for investors. In his newsletters, books, conferences and interviews, he manages to rub elbows with some of the most influential investors in the US (as well as a handful from the UK, Europe and even South Africa). You can read his story on his main page.

How to approach it

The best way to find out what Mr. Mauldin has to offer is to subscribe to his two free newsletters:

  • “Thoughts from the Frontline” is a running commentary on John Mauldin’s macroeconomic view of the financial markets. Although he has been assigned to the Bearish Camp by some commentators, I find his take on the financial conditions to be very well thought out and helpful.
  • “Outside the Box” is a guest column where John Mauldin tries to find commentary that challenges his or conventional wisdom.

While I don’t always agree with the ideas, I never feel as though I have wasted my time. It would be hard to say the same for much of the investment material available on the internet. The most recent letters and archive are available on the InvestorInsight website.

As a guide to new ideas and new sources of ideas, John Mauldin is a great place to start.


The two e-newsletters are free. Just add your name in the box and hit the subscribe button. Conversations with John Mauldin where he has a monthly chat with some of the leading lights of the investment industry is US$129 per year.

If you really like what he has to offer and are an accredited investor (basically US$1m to invest), there are a range of services that you can explore on his website.